• 26.5×10-14
  • 28×10-12
  • 28×10-14
  • 28×12-14
  • 29.5×10-12
  • 29.5×10-14
  • 29.5×12-14
  • 32×10-14
  • 33×10-15
  • 34×10-15
  • 34×10-18
  • 35×10.5-16
  • 36×10-18
  • 36×12-18
  • 38×10.5-18



SuperATV’s Terminator is hands down the most aggressive mud tire on the market. The Terminator has the ability to take you where other tires can only dream of going.

The Terminator’s 6-Ply construction is designed for ultimate off-road performance, guarding against all the thorns and terrain you can put it through. With its angled tread design, the tire diverts mud away for improved grip and traction.

Tire SKUWeight
TER-28/10/1248 lb
TER-29.5/10/1241 lb
TER-26.5/10/1440 lb
TER-28/10/1446 lb
TER-29.5/10/1446 lb
TER-29.5/12/1454 lb
TER-32/10/1452 lb
TER-33/10/1549 lb
TER-34/10/1548 lb
TER-35/10.5/1661 lb
TER-34/10/1852 lb
TER-36/10/1868 lb
TER-36/12/1868 lb
TER-38/10.5/1875 lb

If you are ordering tires and wheels from us and would like them mounted, give us a call before placing your order. 800-824-8125


  • 6-Ply ratings
  • 2″ tread depth
  • Load capacity : 585 @ 7 PSI
  • Unmatched grip when the going gets tough
  • Built in rim guard to protect wheels from dings and dents
  • Unique tapered tread for self cleaning


SuperATV offers the premium product on the market and extends the industry’s best warranty to go with it. Each SuperATV tire carries a 90 day warranty to the original purchaser that each tire be free from manufacturer’s defects.

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