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Roll Tech ATV Beadlock Wheels for Yamaha Sport ATV Models


The all new front Roll Tech ATV Beadlock wheels are proven to be a durable ATV wheel you can trust! 100% tested, developed & approved by top ATV racers around the world! Roll Tech ATV Wheels are constructed with a durable, heat treated air craft grade aluminum & designed here in the U.S.A. with light weight butterfly technology providing the durability & light weight performance needed to stay ahead of the competition! This wheel is constructed with a heavier gauge of .190/.190 T-6 aluminum compared to most wheels that are constructed of .160/.190 aluminum. Which means this wheel is constructed just like the old DWT ATV wheels used to be! This wheel is equivalent to the old DWT Ultimate wheel that is no longer available! Roll Tech ATV front wheels are designed with a butterfly center design creating a lighter center with great looks! The Beadlock aluminum rings are available in red, blue, yellow, green, orange & more to fully customize your ride!

These Roll Tech ATV beadlock wheels are designed for the Racer and has a outer bead-lock ring allowing super protection against de-beading of the tire. This wheel is used by the Trophy Kart Racers & many Flat Track Racers, but is also the perfect sand duneing wheel when a bead-lock is wanted.


  • These Roll Tech ATV beadlock wheels are made from a heavier gauge .190 / .190 aluminum vs. others that are .160 / .190 aluminum.

Available Carbon Fiber Rings:

  • For an additional cost, these Roll Tech beadlock wheels can be purchased with Carbon Fiber Rings in most common colors, giving you the added option to fully customize your ride.

Upgraded Beadlock Bolts:

  •  Roll Tech beadlock wheels come with a better designed beadlock bolt, designed to last longer, not break and protect the finish of your beadlock rings. Other beadlocks on the market come with weaker bolts and washers that can easily and quickly wear through the powder coating on their rings.

 Complete with Valve Stems:

  •  Roll Tech wheels come complete with valve stems already installed in the rims. This saves you the time and money needed to complete the installation of your new wheels. Other wheels on the market require you to buy and install valve stems.

Shamrock Shape:

  • The design of these beadlock wheels comes with a Shamrock shape to the center of the wheel providing a better looking design than the simple circle most other wheels in this price range come with.Will fit both front and rear Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki bolt pattern Sport ATVs!!

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