Yuasa: YT4BBS
This Battery is an Excellent replacement for many Kids electric start
Minibikes like Yamaha TTR50E and TTR90
With more capacity inside than the OE battery you can expect longer
life and more starting opportunities

Motobatt MBT4BB QUADFLEX AGM Factory Activated Battery

Generally Powersports batteries available in the marketplace today have been largely unchanged for years. Motobatt designed, and continues to upgrade its own products to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. Powersports vehicles now are almost exclusively Fuel Injected, and have additional power loads  vs older models ie Thermal Fans, Fuel Pump, Injectors, ECU, ABS Braking, Telemetry, Traction Control, Electronic suspension and Projector Headlamps, just to name a few!

Additionally, Performance ECU, Heated Grips, Sound systems, GPS, Communication equipment, and charging outlets are all common aftermarket accessories. With all those extra loads Manufacturers are still using Starting lighting and ignition Lead Acid batteries as Original Fitment.

Motobatt has designed a battery that is a perfect balance between Ignition and Power Supply. Compared with older machines when the battery only had to start the engine and operate some low wattage bulbs, we now have a situation where Amp draw at Ignition and during operation has increased dramatically. Also the battery is cycling deeper and constantly. Hence the requirements for a battery that can retain CCA under higher load conditions as well as “cycle”.

CCA numbers alone are only part of the story, more CCA than the manufacturer specifies is wasted where it could be used to create more AH or “run time” in layman’s terms.

Motobatt batteries are designed to deal with repeated starts, additional accessory loads and faster recovery from heavy cycling. We have improved an old design by packing as much active material inside the battery in the smartest way possible. Many lower cost batteries are below manufacturers specifications, and as such expire rapidly or completely fail to deal with the task altogether.

Battery TypeMBT4BB
Voltage12V CCA:40
Capacity (10HR)2.5Ah
Weight:1.05kg / 2.31Ibs
Dimensions (in / mm)L: 3.15(80) W: 2.76(70) H: 4.13(105)
Assembly Figure
Terminal Locations:
Terminals:2, (Spade)
Allen Wrench:NA


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