Universal For Crosskart and ATV Applications.


The Goldspeed 165-70-10 TT tires feature special formulated rubber compounds which originally started in the carting industry & quickly escalated to assist top F1 racing teams in Europe. The soft Goldspeed rubber compounds deliver excellent grip/traction yet still provide a long lasting wear life many tires are not capable of matching. It’s Advanced Carcass/Band Technology offers a precise circumference & flat profile at top speeds, specially engineered for racing applications.


  • PreGrooved Race Ready Tread Design
  • Available in Ultra High-Performance European Racing Compounds
  • Advanced Carcass Band Technology Provides Precise Circumference
  • Excellent Contact Patch at High Speeds
  • Advanced Soft Rubber Compounds Provide Outstanding Traction Yet Last Long

Size                 165/70-10
Tread ID         TT
Ply                   4
Compound    Red