Universal For Crosskart and ATV Applications.


The Goldspeed 225-40-10 TT tires feature a special formulated rubber compounds originally started in the carting industry & quickly escalated to assist top F1 racing teams in Europe. The soft Goldspeed rubber compounds deliver excellent grip/traction yet still provide a long lasting wear life many tires are not capable of providing. It’s Advanced Carcass/Band Technology offers a precise circumference & flat profile at top speeds, specially engineered for racing applications.

Tested and developed by ATV Champions. All testing results showed the Flat Track 225/40-10 preformed best on hard surface terrain (blue groove) tracks. The Flat Track 225/40-10 Tread Pattern & Rubber Technology provides consistent & predictable performance on & off the track. Available in Goldspeed’s finest racing rubber compounds.
 Compound: Blue
Advanced carcass & band technology
Extreme braking power
New sidewall technology
Maximum turning control
Red compound (med/hard)
Consistent traction
Great in medium/hard surface, all-round use.


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